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Iscador is a Mistletoe-based complementary treatment for cancer that has been in use for over 90 years. It was devised by Rudolf Steiner in Switzerland in 1921.Steiner’s system of medicine is known as Anthroposophy, so Iscador is not a homoeopathic medicine.

The anti-cancer effects of Iscador are based on two mechanisms. First the immune system is modulated in such a way that tumour cells are attacked more efficiently by the body’s own immune system. Secondly there are direct, inhibitory effects on tumour growth.

The aims of treatment with Iscador are:

  • To increase the efficacy of conventional tumour therapies,
  • Reduce their side effects,
  • Stimulate defence mechanisms against cancer cells,
  • Inhibit the growth of malignant cells
  • Prolong patients’ survival time
  • To improve the patients general well-being.

It does not claim to be a curative treatment in its own right.

Iscador can be given alongside other anti-cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Iscador treatment is very safe and generally does not cause side effects.It is given either orally as drops or by injection under the skin, similar to a ‘flu or tetanus vaccination. For further information about Iscador and other mistletoe based cancer therapies please visit www.mistel-therapie.de